Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

How to Install a Configuration Profile on Apple TV

A new feature in Apple’s recently-released Apple TV Software Update 5.1 is the ability to install a configuration profile from Apple Configurator to tweak Wi-Fi and Ethernet corporate networks.

Users attempting to configure a new Apple TV are required to follow a strict set of instructions.

As detailed by Apple in a support document online, when the Apple TV displays the main menu, users can install the configuration profile by connecting the set-top box to a computer with Apple Configurator installed using a micro-USB cable.

In Apple Configurator, users must then select Prepare, then clock the plus sign at the bottom of the Profiles area to import an existing profile or create a new one altogether.

With the profile in hand, users can proceed with the installation by clicking Prepare, and then Apply.

“Select Install on the Apple TV when prompted. After the profile installation has completed, your Apple TV will begin using the new network configuration,” says Apple.

Via: How to Install a Configuration Profile on Apple TV

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