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Pre-Order Ubuntu 12.10 DVD Now

Guess what? With two weeks ahead of the final release of Ubuntu 12.10, Canonical decided to open up their shop with DVDs for the next major release of Ubuntu.

Both Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop Edition and Ubuntu 12.10 Server Edition are now available for pre-order from Canonical’s online store.

How many can you buy? Well, the best news is that users can now buy a single DVD disc, and not 5 of them like it was for the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating system.

Of course, you can also get as many DVDs with Ubuntu 12.10 as you want, even hundreds of them, if you have the money.

How much? OK, it looks like one DVD with Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop Edition will cost 4.71 pounds, that’s 7.6 USD or 5.8 euros. The same price goes for the Ubuntu 12.10 Server Edition as well. Oh, don’t forget that this is the price without shipping costs and without VAT (for EU customers only).

64-bit or 32-bit? Good question, as it appears that the Ubuntu 12.10 Server Edition DVD is a 64-bit version only, and Canonical asks users to download the 32-bit version from their servers. As for the Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop Edition, no clue! I guess they forgot to mention it on the page.

When will my Ubuntu 12.10 DVD ship?  As Canonical stated, the shipping date is October 26th, 2012. So, depending on your location, the order will probably arrive at the end of October or the beginning of November.

There are also some good news for those who will order packs of 100 and 200 DVDs with Ubuntu 12.10, as they will get FREE shipping.

What else? There’s a DVD and CD Ubuntu 12.10 Bundle for sale too! It costs 5.90 pounds (9.5 USD or 7.3 EUR) and it contains 3 DVDs with Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop Edition  and 2 CDs with Ubuntu 12.10 Server Edition. Which I think it’s a pretty good deal.

So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order Ubuntu 12.10 right now from Canonical’s Online Shop.

Via: Pre-Order Ubuntu 12.10 DVD Now

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