Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Wonderbra Decoder App Lets You Visually Undress Models

Wonderbra premiered an enticing mobile app as part of its latest promotional campaign. Models in print ads at Wonderbra stores or in glossy magazines appear fully clothed, but one can undress them with a click.

To be more specific, one would need a series of clicks, but users in France and the UK will be able to download and use the app for free, however.

The face of the ad campaign is 21-year-old Slovakian fashion model Adriana Cernanova. The app helps you undress Adriana and check out the new products from Wonderbra.

With Cernanova as its new pin-up girl, Wonderbra is either trying to attract extremely curious and self-loathing women, or make men start buying bras. Either way, the campaign is fun, playful and it does have that wow factor we see so little of these days.

Via: Wonderbra Decoder App Lets You Visually Undress Models

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