Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Sleeping Dogs Compilation Video Goes Viral

One can never be sure what is going on in a puppy's head during its sleep. It could be that it is chasing rabbits, digging up bones or chasing kittens. It could be nothing.

Either way, whether they snore, kick or contort their bodies in pleasure or fright, “be sure to grab your camera,” as the uploader says. In the funny description of the video, users are encouraged not to "let sleeping dogs lie."

The compilation features Shiba, the dog that talks in his sleep, Sadie, the sleep barking sensation, Bizkit, the dog that just walks in his sleep, Quentin, the snoring pug, Bonzo, the sleep runner, an unnamed depressed 6-month-old bloodhound, and many others.

This mesh-up of the cutest, most awesome puppy sleeping scenes was posted by user Compilariz, responsible for many other viral pet videos before.

Via: Sleeping Dogs Compilation Video Goes Viral

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