Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Google Chrome 23 Beta Lands in Chrome OS

Google Chrome 23 has made it to the Chrome OS beta channel, some time after it landed in the desktop beta channel. This usually happens, Chrome OS builds need a bit more testing, partially because there are fewer users, but mostly because the update involves more than just the browser, not to mention the fact that the browser itself is the OS.

Chrome 23.0.1271.19, part of Chrome OS 2913.50.0 is now available on all Chromebooks and the Chromebox. This release comes mostly with a number of stability fixes as well as some UI and UX improvements.

Chrome 23 comes with a number of new features, but the big one being the second half of WebRTC, which handles peer-to-peer communications.

Support for getUserMedia API which handles the webcam and the mic has been around since Chrome 21, so full support for WebRTC should be right next around the corner.

Via: Google Chrome 23 Beta Lands in Chrome OS

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