Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012

New Deep-Sea Worm Is Named After Yoda

Only recently, scientists investigating the biodiversity found on the ocean floor along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge stumbled upon three new species of deep-sea worms, and decided to name one of them after Yoda, one of “Star Wars'” most well-known characters.

Apparently, the Yoda purpurata has some very big lips which extend to either side of its head, and it was precisely these lips which reminded scientists of said Jedi master.

One of the scientists who helped find this deep-sea worm explained that, “Our colleague in California, Nick Holland, the world authority on enteropneusts [i.e. science-talk for such creatures], chose the name Yoda for the new genus characterised by its large ear-like lips.”

The word “purpurata” is the Latin version of purple, so we are basically dealing with a Jedi master with a very pleasant body color.

Via: New Deep-Sea Worm Is Named After Yoda

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