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A Gamers Week: October 7

This week we have two full Softpedia reviews for you to feast upon: one for Torchlight 2, the new action role-playing game from Runic Games which gives Diablo III a run for its money, and another for FIFA 13, the new football simulation from EA Sports that’s adding a whole new level of unpredictability to the game.

We also have two Gamer Diaries, one of them detailing my adventures in simulated Hong Kong with Sleeping Dogs and another showing how FTL takes the core ideas of the rogue-like and moves them to space.

We also have one Quick Look for a new expansion, called Their Finest Hour, linked to the grand strategy title Hearts of Iron III, which adds new mechanics to the venerable game.

In the Weekend Reading department we talked about BioWare’s future and about the relation between Mass Effect multiplayer and DLC.

As always, we also selected the games we would play this weekend in EndWeekGame and we have a well-filtered distillation of this week incoming.

On Monday, Epic Games said that the only threat to the rise of Unreal Engine 4 is the unity-driven community, while Microsoft has added a new feature to Xbox Live, with gamers getting points based on their Achievements.

Tuesday, Resident Evil 6 was launched and quickly got a thrashing from both critics and users on Metacritic and Sony talked about why 3D is no longer interesting to players.

Wednesday, the creator of Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee commented on the longevity of his game and BioWare delivered yet another patch for Mass Effect 3.

Thursday, EA Sports announced FIFA 13 became the fastest selling ever sports game and Gearbox denied any work is being done on Borderlands 3.

On Friday, BioWare revealed the Retaliation multiplayer content for Mass Effect 3 while Notch revealed physics and lighting information for his next game.

Saturday we talked about Company of Heroes 2 and its Eastern Front focus and how the new Killzone HD uses the power of the PlayStation 3.

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