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Check the iOS 6 Feature Set for Your Location

For iDevice owners who aren’t very enticed to make the jump to iOS 6, there’s a handy webpage on which details key features in iOS 6 that are either supported or unsupported in certain territories, helping them make an informed decision.

“Some iOS 6 features are not currently available in every country,” says Apple. “Choose a feature […] to see if it’s supported in your country,” reads the documentation.

If you’re scared that your Maps won’t work anymore, or that Siri won’t serve you the proper results in your location, you can now visit iOS 6 Feature Availability and see what the new software has in store for you.

The documentation includes a ton of information on Apple’s new Maps application, including the countries where the service is available, as well as which parts of the service are enabled and which aren’t, in a given territory.

Maps criteria include Standard, Satellite, Directions, Turn-by-Turn Navigation
3D Buildings in Navigation, Traffic, Local search, and Business Reviews and Photos. Whatever you’re looking to know about Maps, it’s there.

Siri info is broken down by Sports, Twitter Integration, Facebook Integration, Local Search, Directions, Restaurant Information, Restaurant Reviews, Restaurant Reservations, Movie Information, Movie Reviews, and Movie Showtimes.

Apple plans to make a lot of Siri features available in new countries this month. For example, Local Search is only now making its way into Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

For Dictation, Apple lists the countries where this feature is available, including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico
South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, and USA.

iTunes Store info is broken down by Music, Movies, and TV Shows. Here, Apple lists the countries where each of these services is available, as it does for the App Store, which includes Apps and Games.

Via: Check the iOS 6 Feature Set for Your Location

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