Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

iPhone App Searches for Emergency Medicine Providers

TeamHealth has announced a new iPad application called TeamHealth Careers which acts as a customizable job search tool that allows users to access hundreds of emergency medicine positions across the United States.

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, TeamHealth released their Careers app to provide users with the unique ability to filter their career search by community and region. There’s also an option to search nationwide.

Users can also search for positions that meet clinical preferences such as annual volume, as well as information about schools, restaurants and activities in the user’s community. Ultimately, you can use the app to apply for positions and contact recruiters at TeamHealth.

Susan Masterson, Vice President of Provider Recruitment, said "At TeamHealth, we know that choosing an emergency medicine career is about much more than simply filling a position. The TeamHealth Careers app puts the power at the user's fingertips, allowing providers to conveniently customize and streamline their job search process."

Download TeamHealth Careers (Free)

Via: iPhone App Searches for Emergency Medicine Providers

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