Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012

Script of the Day: AlegroCart

AlegroCart is an e-commerce platform for running online shops via PHP and MySQL. It can be used for both solid goods and downloadable digital products.

There are many solutions out there for running online stores, but few are open sourced, and few are actually still being maintained, since Magento, osCommerce or PrestaShop have gobbled up the market, silently killing most of them.

AlegroCart is still alive and kicking, and is a much lighter solution, compared to behemoths like the aforementioned platforms.

This does not imply by any means that it lacks features, but that it only provides basic functionality for selling the products, instead of packing features usually found in CMSs and rarely used on live shops.

A hosted demo version of AlegroCart can be found here, so you can test and evaluate the platform for yourself. The login credentials for the admin account are demo/demo (username/password).

Download AlegroCart from our Scripts section here.
Check out more AlegroCart screenshots here.

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