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Watch Live Felix Baumgartner's Jump from 36km at the Edge of Space

As skydiver, pilot and BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner prepares for his record-breaking jump from 36.5 km, you can watch it take place live on YouTube.

Along with the feed, a number of live data points, like his direction of movement, altitude and so on, are available on the YouTube page. 

The live feed will show the jump from the large number of cameras tracking the progress.

There are nine cameras attached to the capsule itself, including three cameras shooting at 4k resolution, four times bigger than HD.

The full-pressure suit that will protect Felix from the extreme conditions at that altitude is also fitted with three HD cameras.

The live feed will come from the cameras on the capsule and on the ground.

In order to track one man falling 36 km above, a specialized camera system was devised for the ground dubbed Joint Long-range Aerospace Imaging and Relay (JLAIR). Two of these are used.

The ground units come with a high-speed camera, capable of shooting at 60 fps, one 4K camera capable of 120 fps if shooting in 2K.

There's also a shortwave infrared camera, much better at spotting Felix against the coldness of space in the background.

The optics of the ground devices were initially designed to track Shuttle launches and feature high-zoom lens and telescopes capable of "seeing" at that distance.

Via: Watch Live Felix Baumgartner's Jump from 36km at the Edge of Space

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