Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Starbucks Canada App Gets iOS 6 Support

The official Starbucks application for iOS has just been updated once again. Although the changelog is pretty short, it comprises some neat features and improvements.

The most important is the fact that the application now supports iOS 6, so those who have already upgraded will be able to use the application again.

According to developers, it’s now easier to sign up and start earning Rewards with Starbucks’ new account creation flow.

Other accessibility, data optimization and performance improvements have been included as well, along with lots of bug fixes that have yet to be detailed.

On a side note, it appears that Passbook support, a feature added by iOS 6, is not yet available in Canada, so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

Starbucks Canada 2.4 is now available as a free download via App Store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running iOS 5.0 or later.


Via: Starbucks Canada App Gets iOS 6 Support

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