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New Bing App Available on Windows 8

The final flavor of Windows 8, now available for download for MSDN and TechNet subscribers, comes along with a new, reimagined Bing application that should make searching more fluid than before.

The search experience has been enhanced for both touch devices and for traditional PCs that use keyboard and mouse for input.

In this app, users will enjoy visual results and images brought to the front, so that they can search less and do more.

Of course, Bing is also available for use via the Internet Explorer 10 browser in Windows 8, but the Bing app included in the final release of the platform will deliver a much better experience.

Some of the main features of the application include speed, appealing looks, and a rich user experience for all those running Windows 8.

“Based on the modern design principles of Windows 8, Bing provides elements like autosuggest, search results, and fluid navigation using tap and swipe,” Microsoft explains in a blog post.

“Fast and fluid scrolling through the continuous horizontal list of results with a swipe of your finger is immediately satisfying. Your eyes quickly pick up the differences amongst search results based on smart captions and image previews, so that the first tap or click into a result yields just what you’re looking for.”

The application also comes with the same iconic homepage and hover points that are available on Bing on the web, as well as with a more immersive image search, the Redmond-based software giant notes.

“When you’re looking for that perfect photo on the web, Bing brings back a comprehensive collage listing of images. Tapping or clicking on any one of them takes you to a full-screen preview. A simple swipe of the finger lets you scroll through the next set of results,” the company explains.

Bing app for Windows 8
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The Bing app will deliver an experience in line with that of the entire platform. There is also the Bing search charm that users can take advantage of to perform searches from anywhere on the platform.

“Using Snap, Bing presents the list of search results side-by-side with your browser, allowing you to rip through web pages without ever leaving search. No more flipping back and forth to see other results,” Microsoft explains.

Moreover, Bing comes with integration with the share charm, so that users could easily share specific results with their friends. And there are also a series of other Bing-powered apps that are available for Windows 8 users, namely Maps, Weather, News, Finance, Sports, and Travel.

An evaluation copy of the final flavor of Windows 8 can be downloaded from Softpedia via this link.

Via: New Bing App Available on Windows 8

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