Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

Windows 8 Pro Pricing Leaked Online

Microsoft will release the new Windows 8 on October 25 in New York, but the company has remained tight-lipped on pricing for the new operating system.

It appears however that Windows 8 Pro may be priced at just $188 / €144, according to information published on the Microsoft Volume Licensing portal and revealed by

Microsoft hasn’t commented on the matter so we're not sure if this is true, but instead it announced last month that it would allow existing Windows users to upgrade to Windows 8 for just $39.99 / €30.6.

What’s more, consumers who purchase a new Windows 7 computer by January 31, 2013 can make the move to the new operating system for only $14.99 / €11.5.

The official pricing information however is very likely to be released in the next weeks, as we get closer to the Windows 8 launch day.

Via: Windows 8 Pro Pricing Leaked Online

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