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New Mass Effect 3 Characters Leaked, Include Volus Adept and More

Mass Effect 3 fans have uncovered some rather interesting references to new content for the game’s multiplayer mode in the newest update that came out this week, including new characters like Turian Soldier, Vanguard, or Infiltrator, as well as the peculiar Volus Adept, Engineer, Mercenary, or Protector.

Mass Effect 3 received a massive patch earlier this week and intrepid users quickly began combing through its files to uncover any hidden secrets.

Their work quickly paid off as one of them uncovered, via BSN, a wide array of references to new multiplayer characters that will soon be released for the game’s online mode.

Some of them, like the new Turian ones, have already been revealed yesterday, when the Retaliation multiplayer DLC was presented to the world.

Others, however, are completely new and include all sorts of races and specializations, ranging from the Volus Adept to the Drell Assassin or Krogan Shaman, so check them out below.

Turian Havoc Soldier
Turian Saboteur Vanguard
Turian Ghost Infiltrator
Asari Valkyrie
Asari Huntress
Quarian Marksman
Volus Engineer
Volus Adept
Volus Mercenary
Volus Protector
Drell Assassin
Geth Trooper
Krogan Shaman
Batarian Slasher
Batarian Brawler
Vorcha Hunter

What’s more, the same user uncovered all of the categories that will be included in the special Multiplayer Challenge feature. In case you forgot, the new system awards players with points based on their achievements in multiplayer matches. These can then be spent on customizing a banner and on a special title that can be seen during lobbies.

Check out the new categories below.

Mass Effect
Squad Elite
Spectre Mastery
Solo Mastery
Shotgun Mastery
Assault Rifle Mastery
Pistol Mastery
SMG Mastery
Sniper Rifle Mastery
Resurgence Mastery
Rebellion Mastery
Earth Mastery
Retaliation Mastery
Combat Mastery
Cerberus Mastery
Reaper Mastery
Geth Mastery
Collector Mastery
Blood Pack Mastery
Machine Mastery
Commando Mastery
Outsider Mastery
N7 Mastery
Map Mastery
Biotic Mastery
Tech Mastery

As of yet, these are just mentions in the files from the latest Mass Effect 3 patch, so it’s unclear whether they’ll actually appear as DLC anytime soon.

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