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Weekend Reading: Mass Effect 3 and Keeping Players Hooked on Multiplayer

I liked Mass Effect 3’s single-player and loved its multiplayer. I always participated in the weekend operations and spent lots of in-game credits on equipment packs while painstakingly upgrading all my characters. I even stayed up to date with all the balance changes in order to know what weapons and powers I should use and what just isn’t worthy of my time.

Sadly, while I still actively enjoyed the multiplayer, it became a bit tedious and, given my job of reviewing games, I gently started to drift apart from Mass Effect 3’s online mode in favor of other games that required a lot of my time.

Lately, I’ve even started skipping the weekly challenges due to the lack of a high speed Internet connection at home and, even if I did have such a thing, I’d still probably spend more time in Borderlands 2 or in other games.

Now, after BioWare confirmed the Retaliation DLC for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, I’m ready to jump back into the online experience.

Basically, in case you didn’t catch the official announcement, the add-on brings a new enemy faction, the Collectors, as well as new characters, weapons, upgrades, and revised versions of current maps. What’s more, it also brings a special Challenge system that rewards players with customizable banners and titles.

Just like with previous DLC packs, Mass Effect 3: Retaliation is completely free, although you still need to purchase equipment packs with in-game credits or real-life cash in order to unlock the new characters or weapons.

What’s more, according to fans who dug through the files from the game’s latest patch, even more new characters are coming, including a Volus Adept. While I’m pretty sure he won’t replace the already powerful Asari Adept as my favorite, I’ll certainly take him for a spin just to honor the famous “Biotic God” from Mass Effect 2, who was just an intoxicated little Volus.

While I’ll still need to focus on other games in the following weeks, given the busy release schedule, the arrival of the Retaliation DLC for Mass Effect 3 will make me return to it whenever possible.

What about you? Are you looking forward to the new DLC? Share your thoughts about it below.

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