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Ubisoft Wants to Deliver Games to Users of All Platforms

The current gaming industry is seeing a variety of new platforms appear, from the Nintendo Wii U to various smartphones or tablets, and Ubisoft wants to bring its games onto as many as possible, in order to get in touch with lots of potential customers.

While there are still only a few major platforms for video games, from the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 to the PC, Ubisoft believes that it’s wrong to focus only on the big ones and ignore the variety of other devices that are being released nowadays, chief among which being smartphones or tablets.

With the Nintendo Wii U set to appear this November, and with various phones and other mobile platforms launching each week, serving content is quite a challenge for Ubisoft, according to the company’s Vice President of Digital, Chris Early.

"It's an exciting time,” Early told GamesIndustry. “We've got the first of a new round of consoles coming out, there continues to be a good mix of new hardware coming out on mobile, and the tablet side of things. What we see from our player's perspective is they're playing in more places than ever before.”

“Our challenge as a creator of content is, how do we get the brands they love in front of them regardless of what they've got in their hands? We're on more platforms than ever before. And we're stronger on all those platforms because that's the way Ubisoft always is. Our job is to get our content in the hands of our players."

But while Ubisoft is trying to bring its games onto as many platforms as possible, it still has to take into account their eventual success, as it can’t afford to invest in any and all devices.

"The economist in me says it does matter,” Early said when asked if it mattered who won the platform wars, “because if you guess wrong too many times you're not going to be able to make your content come out anywhere. So far we haven't been that far off.”

Ubisoft is currently banking big on the upcoming Nintendo Wii U, with various adaptations, like Assassin’s Creed 3 or Just Dance 4, but also with all-new properties, like ZombiU.

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