Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Tumblr Debuts Its First Analytics Tool

Tumblr is growing ever more popular and it's seeing huge amounts of traffic. A big part of the reason for its success is that, despite being a blogging platform at core, it's a completely revamped and simplified one.

But this has disadvantages too, one of them being that some of the tools pro or even hobbyist bloggers need are missing.

Case in point is an analytics tool, to make it possible for bloggers to know how popular their content is. It's not a completely in-house tool, but it was developed in collaboration with Tumblr.

That may actually be a good thing, Tumblr relied on Union Metrics for the tool itself, it is only providing the API hooks, data and integration the tool needs.

Note though that the tool won't be built in by default and you'll have to pay for it. So it's clearly aimed at companies and professionals rather than the average blogger.

Via: Tumblr Debuts Its First Analytics Tool

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