Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC Available Later Today

Trials Evolution, the impressive physics-based biking simulator made by RedLynx, will receive its first proper downloadable content pack later today, October 5, via the Xbox Live Arcade, in the form of the Origin of Pain DLC.

Trials Evolution impressed lots of Xbox 360 owners this spring, when it was released as a downloadable experience and quickly broke sales records.

Now, in order to deliver even more variety besides the many user-made tracks, a new DLC is going to appear later today, named Origin of Pain.

The DLC brings 36 brand new tracks, as well as an all-new BMX bike mode, plus new skill games, rider gear and in-world objects.

According to RedLynx, more than 160,000 user-created tracks have been shared in the game and this number will grow once imaginative players start making new circuits with the objects brought by the upcoming DLC.

Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain is out later today for just 400 MS Points. Until then, check out a video of it in action above.

Via: Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC Available Later Today

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