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Jennifer Hudson Thinks Jessica Simpson Is Being Lazy on Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson is the latest Weight Watchers spokesperson but, as such, she’s not really doing a wonderful job, Jennifer Hudson believes. At least, that’s what the latest report would have us believe.

Hudson too has been on the program and she’s lost 80 pounds (36.2 kg) on it, whereas Jessica is barely half way there and struggling with it.

Until just recently, Jennifer has been going out of her way to help Jessica stay on the program and get maximum results with it – not because of Weight Watchers but because she really wanted to see her get back in the best shape possible, after the birth of her daughter.

Not anymore, Star magazine claims in this week’s print issue, as cited by Hollywood Life.

Hudson is sick and tired of Simpson’s laziness, so she’s just writing her off as a “mess” she no longer wants to be associated with.

“Jennifer is frustrated with Jess and how she’s handled her weight-loss fiasco. She thinks Jess’ stab at dieting has been a colossal joke,” a source close to the Oscar-winning singer and actress says for Star.

“Jen said that Jessica still looks fat despite an enormous $4 million [€3.07 million] incentive to lose weight,” adds the spy.

She’s tried plenty of times to make Jessica see the error of her ways, the report goes on to mention, even calling her throughout the day and keeping in touch with her by all means available, to offer her tips based on her (Jennifer’s) own experience.

All was lost on Simpson.

“Jennifer thinks Jess has been lazy and not serious about getting fit. Jessica obviously didn’t put in the work,” the spy says.

“She’s written Jessica off as a total mess. Jennifer is definitely having the last laugh,” adds the same unnamed insider.

In her first Weight Watchers ad, which ironically showed Jessica only from the neck up, she admitted she was having a hard time shifting the extra, post-pregnancy weight, but stressed she was committed to getting there – and getting healthier.

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