Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Microsoft Prepares the Metro Suit for Skypes Website

Microsoft has already updated its official website with a brand new design that brings it in line with the upcoming Windows 8’s Modern GUI, but the company is keen to continue the appearance improvements over its entire product range.

Skype seems to be the next product that will get a new website, as the editors over at NeoWin.net spotted a new design for the beta page of Microsoft’s VoIP service.

This testing page however doesn’t seem to be available anymore or it may pop out every once in a while, but a final release will probably be ready soon as we get closer to the official Windows 8 launch date.

Microsoft has already announced that a Modern UI Skype would be released in the near future, so such a website facelift pretty much makes sense.

Via: Microsoft Prepares the Metro Suit for Skypes Website

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