Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Lumia 920 to Land at AT&T on November 4

Lumia 920, Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 handset, might be set to arrive on shelves at wireless carrier AT&T on November 4th, the latest reports on the matter suggest.

The carrier has been rumored to plan the release of this device ever since Nokia unveiled it last month, and it seems that early November might be the lucky timeframe for enthusiasts.

According to WPCentral, AT&T is set to announce pricing and availability of this device on October 21st – previously said to be the release date for the phone –, while being set to make it available on the fourth day of November.

November 4th appears a good candidate for the launch day, especially since it is a Sunday and AT&T is usually releasing new phones on this day of the week, yet confirmation hasn’t emerged so far.

Via: Lumia 920 to Land at AT&T on November 4

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