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Galaxy S III Software Update for US Cellular Brings Google Wallet Support

Samsung’s Galaxy S III was made available for purchase in the United States on the networks of various wireless carriers, yet some of its features were exclusively available only on specific models, such as Google Wallet that was supported on Sprint alone.

A new software update that Samsung has released for the US Cellular version of the Galaxy S III changes that, adding the support for Google’s service into the mix.

The new LI4 update for the Samsung Galaxy S III (SCH-R530) at US Cellular packs a wide range of other enhancements as well, such as updated applications, performance improvements and more.

The list of updated and new apps on the handset includes: New zoom, New Polaris, City ID, Daily Perks, Your Navigator Deluxe, Tone Room Deluxe, Gameloft Portal, Mobi TV, Amazon Apps, Amazon Audible, Amazon IMDB, Amazon MP3, Amazon Shopping, Amazon Zappos, Amazon Kindle and Slacker Radio.

There is also the aforementioned Google Wallet, which makes US Cellular’s Galaxy S III the first handset outside Sprint to arrive with support for the service, and also the first device in this carrier’s offering to include it.

The LI4 update for Samsung’s flagship device also includes enhancements to CMAS experiences, such as Vibrate mode supported, setting to disable audio alert for CMAS messages supported, presidential messages listed at the top of messaging list.

Other resolved issues in the new update include:

- Background/Font color of email were changing randomly
- Auto completion of numbers appends instead of inserts
- MMS picture unable to attach issue
- Space automatically inserted in passwords after typing most punctuation marks
- Email fix with Microsoft 365

Users who would like to learn more on how to download the new software and how to install it on their devices should head over to this page on US Cellular’s support website for complete instructions on the matter.

Via: Galaxy S III Software Update for US Cellular Brings Google Wallet Support

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