Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

CW Embeds Live Twitter Feed in Print Magazine

Twitter is the only social media tool and maybe even the only online tool that traditional media gets. Or maybe it just thinks it gets it, which is why it's so adamant about it.

In any case, TV, newspapers and magazines love Twitter. Old media loves Twitter so much it's building it into its old, dead trees magazines.

The CW network, an US cable network, is running a very special ad in a limited edition run of Entertainment Weekly by embedding what can be described as a physical Twitter client or better yet, a really clever ad.

The magazine will embed a LCD screen powered by an Android device with 3G connectivity. The screen will play a video ad and then display the latest tweets from the CW Twitter feed.

The hardware is nothing to write home about, but given that it's basically a clever ad, that's to be expected.

Via: CW Embeds Live Twitter Feed in Print Magazine

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