Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Blender 2.64 Stable Available for Download

The stable release for Blender 2.64 is out, and the progress of the application is notable as the development team focused on creating a complete VFX pipeline that includes much improved motion tracking using a planar tracker.

Efforts have been put into creating easier green screen keying and a new mask editor. This is not everything the new Blender brings to the table since it features a new tile based compositing system and more elaborate color management.

Also new in this version is that sculpting has masking that allows you to control the areas of the mesh it affects. The new brush map modes offer control over how textures are projected onto the model.

Furthermore, shadows and physics options have been improved in the game engine and Collada exporter is equipped with more options for exporting to other game engines.

The full list of modifications is available on this page.

Download Blender for Windows
Download Blender for Mac
Download Blender for Linux

Via: Blender 2.64 Stable Available for Download

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