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Asian Factory Leaks Entire iPad mini Assembly Sans PCB

A source from Ukraine has obtained what looks to be an iPad mini assembly hot off the production ramp, showing Apple’s intentions with the miniaturized tablet PC.

Reportedly leaked in Asia (no surprise there) the parts include the metal housing with an opening for the cellular antenna, the screen digitizer (which records your touch and protects the LCD underneath), and the display itself complete with the flex cable that connects it to the logic board.

Speaking of which, the printed circuit boards (PCB) are the only thing missing from this array. Had those been leaked as well, Ukrainianiphone.com would have a complete iPad mini.

iPad mini displays
Enlarge picture
The opening at the top end of the metal chassis indicates that Apple wants cellular wireless on at least on version of the iPad mini. We know the housing is made of metal because that opening would otherwise be unnecessary (to allow radio waves to pass through).

The same method is used with the iPhone and the iPod touch, as well as the current-selling iPads.

9to5mac points out that the LCD display appears to be the same kind used by Amazon in its Kindle Fire tablet. There have been some rumors that the iPad mini might launch with a 19:6 display, but it seems that’s not the case.

iPad mini housing
Enlarge picture
In related news, Apple is said to have approached AU Optronics to manufacture 7.85-inch displays for the new tablet computer. The news comes from the usual industry sources cited by DigiTimes, a trade publication in Taiwan.

The report specifically states that, “AUO has reportedly landed panel orders for Apple's rumored 7.85-inch iPad, which is expected to be released in November 2012.”

Apple is reportedly preparing to issue press invitations on October 10 for a special event dedicated to the iPad mini unveiling. This would be Apple’s second event in less than two months.

Via: Asian Factory Leaks Entire iPad mini Assembly Sans PCB

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