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Wikipedia Gets a Modern Sigup Page, to Boost Registrations

Wikipedia is clearly the most successful crowdsourced project in the history of mankind. It already houses more information than any other encyclopedia and more than most top libraries.

Yet, in recent years, it's lost some of its luster, maybe precisely because it's been so successful.

Whatever the case, new editors are harder to come by and users are less engaged. Wikipedia is trying to change that, at least part of it, and it's now working on a new registration page to make it easier for people to sign up for the site and encourage more of them to do it.

Signing up for a Wikipedia account is completely optional. You can use Wikipedia anonymously and you can even contribute without creating an account.

There are benefits to having one though, for both Wikipedia and the users. But because you can do so much without an account, it's hard for people to know what they are.

That's a big part of why Wikipedia is testing the new signup page. Reasons why you might want to go through with the process and complete the signup are clearly listed on the right.

The registration fields are much better highlighted as well and better spaced out. The new signup page is already live, but it is being tested and is server only about 50 percent of time.

"We’ve updated the visual design to be far less cluttered and expose a clearer structure, and reduced the amount of instructional text that appears before the form," Wikipedia explains.

"As a side benefit, mobile users should find the page easier to use, though our mobile team is working on further enhancements, too," it said.

"We’ve also added a simple list of benefits to account creation, such as being able to start new pages, upload photos, and have a presence in the Wikipedia community, but these won’t appear on small screen sizes. In a second iteration, we’ll be adding live validation to the form, so you will know if there are any errors right away," it also said.

Via: Wikipedia Gets a Modern Sigup Page, to Boost Registrations

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