Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Riot Games Details Honor System for League of Legends

The development team at Riot Games have offered more information on the new Honor System that will be implemented in League of Legends, the multiplayer online battle arena game that it is running.

The aim of the new mechanics is to allow players to actively reward those who play by the rules and are helpful in the game.

The Honor system allows players to award a thumbs up to friends and foes that have behaved well and then classify them as simply Friendly or as Helpful, Honorable Opponent or Teamwork.

Initially, Honor will have no actual effect on the game apart from acknowledging the moral quality of a player, but it seems that Riot Games is thinking about offering some sort of reward for those who gain significant amounts.

A similar system is being implemented by Valve in its upcoming MOBA competitor, DOTA 2, in an effort to make the game welcoming to newcomers.

Via: Riot Games Details Honor System for League of Legends

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