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REnet Online Service Will Keep Players Hooked on Resident Evil 6

Even if a lot of players have voiced their disappointment with Resident Evil 6, Capcom believes that many will keep playing the action survival shooter because of the social aspect added by the REnet online service.

Resident Evil 6 came out this week and, while it looked like the game would deliver a great experience, once reviews started coming in from media outlets, it became clear that the game wasn’t that impressive.

Capcom, however, believes that players will stick with the action survival experience due to its huge amount of content, with three large campaigns, and due to the special REnet online service, which tracks the performance of players and their friends.

“We hope [REnet] will really motivate people to keep playing the game,” the game’s Director, Eiichiro Sasaki, said. “It’s for you and your friends – it will help keep all of you connected and looking forward to clearing the game.”

The service allows players to see how their friends progress through the game’s various campaigns and amps up competition between them, according to Sasaki.

“One of the basic elements is you’re going to be able to check in on your friends’ progress and see how they’re progressing. Conversely they’ll do the same with you, so it will be a challenge for both of you to see how far you can get, and see who is doing better. There are a lot of ways you can compare your progress with that of your friends. It’s compatible with Twitter and Facebook so you can get push notifications from friends. It should spur people to continue playing and make it to the end.”

Given this quite negative release, Capcom will have a hard time convincing people to actually get into the game, let alone to keep playing it until the end of its different campaigns.

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