Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Play as Justin Bieber in NBA 2K13

Justin Bieber, the young pop sensation, has revealed that he is a hidden character in NBA 2K13, the basketball simulation launched by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports.

Speaking via Twitter, the teen heartthrob stated, “Shoutout to @Ronnie2K for putting #TeamBieber in #NBA2K13. Im running the pt. #SWAGGY.”

The singer did not contribute with any track to the playlist of NBA 2K13.

It’s the second music connection for the new basketball simulation, which brought on Jay-Z as a producer in order to infuse the game with more style.

NBA 2K13 does not have real competition this year because EA Sports recently announced that it was canceling the launch of NBA Live 13 because of concerns over the quality of the final product.

NBA 2K13 introduces a new and deeper career mode which includes more aspects of the sport that take place off the floor, like endorsement deals, contract negotiations and the way players train in order to keep up their form.

Via: Play as Justin Bieber in NBA 2K13

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