Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

OpenGL ES 2.0 Dev App Released for iOS Shaderific-Enabled

Gryphos GmbH has released a free OpenGL ES 2.0 development toolkit with Shaderific that works on your iPhone and iPad. The free version lets you pick up steam, and when you’re ready to actually code a project, you can buy your ability to save your progress.

Gryphos says their new app lets you create your own vertex and fragment shaders using the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) right on your iPhone and iPad.

Best of all, you can compile them on your iDevice and then tweak your shader code and the values of the uniforms to see instant results. Coding on-the-go was never easier.

Check out the full feature-set on iTunes, and note that what you’re downloading via the link below is this free version of Shaderific which has the exact same features as the paid version, but lacks saving capabilities. So don’t go creating the next Angry Birds until you’ve made sure you can spit out the binary too.

Download Free OpenGL ES 2.0 development with Shaderific (Free)

Via: OpenGL ES 2.0 Dev App Released for iOS Shaderific-Enabled

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