Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Only a Lumia 820 Variant to Arrive at Verizon

Yesterday, Nokia officially unveiled the upcoming availability of its high-end Lumia 920 and mid-level Lumia 820 on AT&T’s network and also confirmed that the flagship handset will be available exclusively at this carrier.

Those who might have hoped that Lumia 920 could arrive at other carriers in the country were certainly disappointed.

However, Windows Phone 8-based Lumia devices will be launched on other networks as well, and T-Mobile has already been confirmed to carry the Lumia 820.

A variant of the device is expected to arrive on shelves at Verizon as well, previously rumored to sport the codename of Atlas and spotted online last month as Lumia 822.

It should be similar to Lumia 820 (codenamed Arrow) in many respects, yet it would offer support for Verizon’s CDMA network, and might even feature LTE capabilities when released. Unfortunately, no official word on the matter is available for the time being.

Via: Only a Lumia 820 Variant to Arrive at Verizon

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