Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

Microsoft Employee: Windows 8 Is a Super Operating System

If we are to consider Steve Ballmer’s statements, the upcoming Windows 8 operating system will change the world completely, as it comes with cross-platform support and comprises a wide range of new tools.

Microsoft’s employees however share the same view on the refreshed operating system and a new post on the company’s blog does nothing more than to confirm this statement.

Vijayshinva Karnure, a Microsoft India employee, says that Windows 8 is a super workstation OS and explains that the new features, including here the “Start Screen,” are absolutely fantastic.

The lack of a “Start Menu” isn’t that important, Karnure believes, especially because “Searching and Launching Apps is way faster than clicking the Start Button and traversing the list.”

Early adopters on the other hand aren’t so excited with the new operating system, so it remains to be seen whether Windows 8 is such a great product after the big launch this month.

Via: Microsoft Employee: Windows 8 Is a Super Operating System

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