Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

Memory Makers Resort to Layoffs and Unpaid Leave

Because DDR4 will have no bearing on the market until 2014, memory makers have nothing to fall back on as sales continue to disappoint.

This has been going on for years, and some companies bit the dust because of it, even big ones.

DDR4 is seen as the holy grail that might once again spark consumer interest in acquiring memory modules. Unfortunately, the 2014 ETA (estimated time of arrival) means another one and a half-two torturous years for chip makers.

It has been revealed that chip manufacturers have reduced their outputs to such an extent that major companies (Nanya, Inotera) have to start cutting jobs and giving unpaid leave from work.

Nanya in particular has already lowered its sales ratio for standard DRAM chips to 55% and is focusing on flash and non-memory products, besides niche RAM.

We don't know exactly how many people will have to find other employment. Hopefully, not in the tens of thousands, like with Sharp.

Via: Memory Makers Resort to Layoffs and Unpaid Leave

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