Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Let Your iPhone Open the Door for You with Lockitron

A company called Lockitron is advertising a new product (bearing the same name) that enables you to open your home’s door, remotely, using only your iPhone - tap to open / tap to close.

Powered by an iOS app soon to make its way into Apple’s App Store, Lockitron looks like an elegant solution to make the hefty (and often inconvenient) keychain obsolete.

Launched much in the same way as any Kickstarter product, Lockitron is already seeing a great deal of demand from people who wish to lock their door from anywhere in the world.

It’s got over 6,500 backers at the moment with 656.3% funding at the moment. In other words, the project is a go. It sells for $149 / €115 (for a limited time, the creators say) and it will ship for free in the United States come March 2013.

Lockitron will not only let you open and lock your door remotely, it will also send a notification when your child unlocks the door using their phone or key.

And, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, you can enable Lockitron to sense when you walk up to the door and have it unlocked automatically. Pretty smart, huh?

Via: Let Your iPhone Open the Door for You with Lockitron

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