Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Google Docs Gets a Lot Smarter Handling Tables

Google is improving the way tables work in Google Docs/Drive documents. It's now easier to select just the cells you need from a table and it's easier to edit the cells you want.

The changes are all obvious and should make working with tables in documents a much less frustrating experience.

"You can now select any grid of cells in a table, which makes it much easier to make table formatting changes, like bolding just a single column," Google explained.

In the same vein, copy-pasting within cells works a lot better. You can, for example, paste the same word or value into many cells at the same time by selecting them first.

Copying several cells at a time is smarter as well, if you paste the content inside another table, the values will be pasted, not the entire table.

There's one new feature in the document editor that doesn't have to do with tables, the ability to edit formatting on larger portions of text at the same time. Right-clicking on a word and choosing "select matching text" will select all of the text in the document with the same formating.

Via: Google Docs Gets a Lot Smarter Handling Tables

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