Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Esamir Continent Added to Planetside 2 Beta

The development team at Sony Online Entertainment has introduced a second continent, called Esamir, to the beta stage of Planetside 2, their MMO with shooter elements.

There are significant differences between Indar, which players have been fighting over since the beta stage of the game was introduced, and Esamir, which has a limited number of structures and offers more wide open areas, some of them covered in snow.

SOE says that the new continent was created by hand and that the developers have hidden a lot of interesting areas for players to discover.

The team is also hoping that the bigger empty space and the snow will also lead to different tactics being employed in order to make Planetside 2 more varied.

The MMO is set to launch exclusively on the PC before the end of the year under a free-to-play model.

After launch, SOE plans to add another continent to the game, with a varied geography and a new type of base setup.

Via: Esamir Continent Added to Planetside 2 Beta

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