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Eastern Front Impossible to Simulate without Company of Heroes 2 Tech

Company of Heroes 2 is focusing its attention exclusively on the Eastern Front because the development team at Relic had always wanted to do justice to that particular battleground but never, until now, had the technology they needed to do so.

Quinn Duffy, who is a designer working on the game, told PCGamesN that, “In that six years there were a number of cases where we looked at the game, at what we were going to do, and we didn’t get to the point where we had the technology we wanted, or the systems to drive the development, to tell the kind of story we wanted to about the Eastern Front.”

He expanded on the idea by adding, “We looked at doing an expansion pack, an Eastern Front expansion pack for the original, but we couldn’t do the snow, we couldn’t do the breaking ice, we couldn’t do the cold weather stuff in the original game engine.”

Relic has made ColdTech one of the core features of Company of Heroes 2, with effects like breakable ice on rivers, snow that builds up over time, footprints that give away positions and temperatures that can actually kill infantry a big part of the game.

The idea behind the new technology is to show gamers exactly how important General Weather has been to the Eastern Front, especially during the months when Russian forces were able to check the initial advance of the German Army.

The Eastern Front also introduces new mechanics to the armies, including the ability to execute fleeing soldiers for the Russian.

Relic announced that it wants to make the sequel even more tactical than the original game, with more importance given to line of sights and quicker kills that reward the cautious player and punish those who never take the time to scout the battle maps.

Company of Heroes 2 will be released in 2013 exclusively on the PC.

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