Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

Apples Passbook Allegedly Infringes Ameranth Patents

Patent-tracking site PatentlyApple is reporting that a California-based company named Ameranth has filed a patent infringement claim against Apple regarding the new Passbook application in iOS 6.

Ameranth claims to be the rightful owner of "award winning" inventions that “enable the generation and synchronization of menus, event tickets, and other products across fixed, wireless and/or internet platforms.”

The company is suing the Cupertino giant on four counts related to the Passbook Ticketing System which comes bundled with iOS 6 on the latest iPhone, and can be installed as a free software update on older-generation devices capable of running the new iOS.

The lawsuit also targets iDevices that are linked to Apple's iCloud, the "Apple Notification Service," and the standard web browser in Apple’s mobile operating system รข€" Safari.

PatentlyApple also points out that one of Ameranth's patents was quoted in an iPhone patent that listed Steve Jobs as an inventor.

Via: Apples Passbook Allegedly Infringes Ameranth Patents

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