Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Apple Reportedly Using Its Retail Stores to Fix Maps

Apple has reportedly turned to its retail employees to try and address the issues surrounding its Maps service on iOS by having select employees test and compare data, and ultimately submit said results through Apple’s internal portal.

Via MacRumors and ifoAppleStore comes word that Apple is piloting a program that involves its numerous retail stores and the people that staff them to help improve the widely-publicized Maps in iOS 6.

Multiple sources familiar with the effort are telling MacRumors that participating stores will allocate 40 hours of staff time each week “to manually examine Apple's mapping data in their areas and submit corrections and improvements,” until the service is back on its feet.

The site ifoAppleStore, which focuses exclusively on matters relating to Apple’s retail organization, recently posted a tweet confirming the initiative.

Via: Apple Reportedly Using Its Retail Stores to Fix Maps

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