Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Apple Logo Is Anti-Christian, Say Russian Fanatics

A Russian news agency is reporting that radical orthodox Christians in the country are removing the Apple logo from their Macs and other devices, replacing them with crosses. The reason? Well, you probably guessed it already.

Touting the half-bitten apple as anti-Christian, radical orthodox Christians believe the logo symbolizes the original sin of Adam and Eve.

In other words, they don’t want their adepts correlating the enjoyment of using a Mac to anything that has to do with the bad things going on in the Garden of Eden two millennia ago.

According to xbitlabs, the Russian parliament is actively reviewing a set of laws designed to “to defend citizens' religious feelings and national and spiritual values from blasphemy and insult.”

If the laws pass, Apple could be banned from selling products in the country or, at the very least, ship Macs with partially bitten apricots on them.

Via: Apple Logo Is Anti-Christian, Say Russian Fanatics

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