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All SOE MMOs Get into the Halloween Spirit

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it will introducing Halloween themed events into all its MMOs, with players able to take part in a number of special events and get access to gear and rewards that are not available otherwise.

For the original EverQuest between October 19 and November 7, gamers will be able to move to the Plane of Knowledge and help the Gravedigger or aid the Hungry Halfling as he searches for pumpkin flavor in food and drink.

Halloween themed armor and other special items are also available for those who enjoy Fright Night.

EverQuest II is enjoying the holiday from October 11 to November 5 and players will get the Nights of the Dead event, with haunted houses in Qeynos and Freeport, decorations, Ghost Hunter competitions and a new Night of the Dead Devotee quest.

In Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure, the Halloween content arrives on October 12 and lasts until November 19, with players getting access to costumes, Droids with a devilish look and decorations that can be used as weapons.

A Halloween Count Dooku can also be fought in the Duel stage and a Creepy Crate appears in the Lounge of the Jedi.

Free Realms is celebrating Halloween with a dance off between Vampires and Werewolves in the Bone Bog Cemetery, Chiller Boombox and Pumpkin Costume trading card game quests, a new set of costumes and items in the marketplace.

The celebrations take place from October 11 to November 15.

In Bullet Run, for one month starting today, players will get Halloween wearables and trick or treat mechanics while in Legends of Norrath, until October 31, gamers will get a new Scary Scarecrow scenario.

In Pox Nora, a special Halloween pack is on offer while Vanguard Saga of Heroes gets The Festival of the Grim Harvest.

A special set of events is also planned for DC Universe Online.

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