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5-Inch Smartphones Could Go Mainstream Next Year

Large screens on smartphones mean that more information is delivered to the user at one time, and handset vendors could decide to widely adopt such displays in future devices.

We already have handsets that pack 5-inch or bigger panels, yet they are considered only niche market at the moment, something that might change as soon as next year.

Today, smartphone screens usually revolve around the 4.5-inch mark, with high-end phones going up to 4.7 or 4.8 inches, and with mid-level phones dropping to 4.3 inches, but the standard could go higher soon.

5.0-inch full-HD (1080x1920 pixels) TFT-LCD modules for smartphones will enter mass production at Japan Display Inc. (JDI) this month, meaning that they should make it to shelves new devices in 2013.

The company notes that its 5.0-inch full-HD, 443 ppi modules can deliver around 2.3 times more information to the user at a time when compared to the 720HD (720x1280 pixels) screens, and that the use of IPS technology provides wider viewing angles than before.

Additionally, the company explains that its screens are thinner than other solutions, and that today’s trends on the mobile market do point at an increasing need for larger displays.

“Today, mobile information devices, such as smartphones, are increasingly more sophisticated and functional. As a result, compact-size displays are required which are able to show a large amount of information,” JDI explains.

“JDI is developing LCD modules to meet these growing requirements, based on its advanced core technologies, such as low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) for high resolution, in-plane switching (IPS) for wide viewing angle performance, and thinner backlight design for compact size, among others.”

The new panel is meant mainly for high-end devices, measuring 64.3mm (width) x 118.8mm (height) x 1.4mm (thickness).

“With this new product introduction JDI continues to demonstrate its leadership in the global small-size, full-HD resolution LCD module market,” the company concluded.

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