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Security App of the Week: Block LinkBucks

Block LinkBucks is a web browser extension that’s designed to bypass the pesky LinkBucks redirects present on a large number of blogs and forums. The app is available for browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

LinkBucks is a legitimate advertisement network that displays ads in webpages and when users navigate from one site to the other.

Many of these ads are annoying, but that’s not the main problem.

Since LinkBucks isn’t doing much to prevent spammers from abusing the system, it has become a great way for cybercriminals to make a profit. They use various pieces of malware such as Trojans or Worms to infect computers with browser hijackers.

Browser hijackers can not only redirect victims to arbitrary domains (in this case ads), but they can also keep track of surfing habits and collect history data. This information can be later used by spammers in targeted operations.

The malicious elements – which often remain undetected by antivirus solutions – ensure that each time the victim visits a website, a LinkBucks redirect to an advertisement is triggered.

Experts from 2-Virus have analyzed such browser hijackers and they reveal the methods in which they can be removed. If you’re an Internet Explorer customer, you can check out this advisory which shows you how to get rid of it.

If you’re a Safari, Firefox, Opera or Chrome user, you can simply utilize the free Block LinkBucks browser extension, developed by USAcyborg. Once it’s installed, it allows you to bypass the annoying ads and instantly access the desired content.

Furthermore, in case you’re dealing with a cybercriminal campaign that relies on LinkBucks, the extension ensures that you’re not contributing to the scammers’ profit.

Block LinkBucks for Opera is available for download here
Block LinkBucks for Firefox is available for download here
Block LinkBucks for Chrome is available for download here
Block LinkBucks for Safari is available for download here

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